Why Support?

KMAC has the ability to become a museum of the 21st century. A downtown Louisville destination for visitors that educates, communicates, and engages with the community. With education (young and old) as the main trust, we will provide deeper art encounters that include interactive experiences for our visitors. Working with teachers, this is as simple as offering computers and art magazines in the exhibition spaces. The complexity lies in preparing the materials that make connections to a larger art world context. Regarding communication, with new media there are opportunities we have to embrace to get the message out. Regarding exhibitions, we must find a way to weave the quality local artists into an international art dialogue. With these ideas together, we will provide content rich exhibitions and communicate online quickly.

Art history isn’t just created by artists, it is written by art historians, museums (curators), galleries, and collectors. Obviously an art museum must inspire a visiting public with dynamic exhibitions, but KMAC must adhere to the guidelines of the American Association of Museums by becoming a into a Learning Museum inside and out. KMAC is the perfect size museum to develop a collaborative atmosphere with a global perspective. Employees will communicate as guides, educators, writers, and ultimately exhibition planners while we make these inspirational experiences for the public. Employee development may seem obvious to the business world executive but the practice is fragmented in the art world. Art professionals, usually seen as singular visionaries, generally work as islands. When a museum focuses on content a successful curator develops a knowledge base and that person will usually head off to a bigger museum or further challenges. BUT that person takes with them valuable knowledge of the Art and Craft of the region, and this knowledge base will turn up in future exhibitions done by these curators.

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