KMAC Educators On The Go!

By Heather D’Andrea

KMAC has sent its educators to Fort Worth, Texas for the National Art Education Association Convention. Julie Yoder and I (Heather D’Andrea) will be representing KMAC and sharing our great resources while gaining as much knowledge as we can from our fellow art museum educators. We will participate in discussions, workshops and listen to presenters and panel discussions. We will be at the convention for 4 days, and there are many interesting and beneficial activities that are planned. We will be learning about engaging family programs, school programs, mobile technology in museums, teen programming, educational exhibition planning, interpretations, adult education, and interactive art museum experiences. Easy to say, we will be busy! Sessions run 30-50 minutes from 8 a.m. untl 7 p.m. We hope to learn as much as possible, and bring that knowledge back to KMAC in order to develop new educational programs and ways to create positive and enlightening museum experiences for our visitors! Stay tuned.

Listening to NAEA president address the 4000 art educators.
Listening to NAEA president address the 4000 art educators.
Yarn bombing!
Yarn bombing!

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